R.I.P., HARG BARG BURG: Cartoonist, Artist, and Friend

My good friend, Harg Barg Burg, drew an incomprehensible series of comics before his window-jumping accident. Some called them a cry for help. Others called them retarded. Still others called the police.

He called them “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME”.

Harg Barg Burg was very angry. He objected to pretty much anything, usually without hearing what it was he was objecting to. It was this cute little affectation of his… I’m tearing up over here remembering what it used to be like.

Harg Barg Burg liked to laugh at himself. Problem was, he would usually cry afterwards.

Perhaps the saddest thing about this is that Harg Barg Burg drew inspiration for his comics from his daily life. He was trying, I think, to gain power over evil through laughter. I don’t think it worked.

Harg seems to have taken a political bent with this one… I think.

Sometimes Harg would get fixated on a concept and talk about it for hours while doodling with his left hand and crying. He was a real good sport about things.

He left them all to me in this giant fucking crate in his attic. It was the only thing in his will he left to anybody who exists outside of his fragile little mind, so I considered it quite an honor. The world will miss you, dearest Harg.

Some more of Harg’s art has been put on display here.

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