The Ronnicles: Part 1

The Ronnicles: Exercises in Literacy from one of America’s Finest Convenience Store Managers

First, an introduction to what will prove to be a long series indeed.

Ronnie was my manager at a gas station/convenience store, and I was her assistant. I am still there, she isn’t, and the reason for that will soon be evident. In my time with her, I had access to the comedic goldmine that her email “sent” folder became. Now that she can’t do anything to me over it should this be discovered, I present to you the Ronnicles, done in installments. Today, the one that started it all… the e-mail that spurred my decision to start keeping these gems.

Dear Gina,
I was on the internet one day and I was looking at my
emails that I have received and it dawned on me “Why
there is not that much stuff about gas stations on
the web!” When I log on to the computer in th elower
right hand Conner on the screen that the local gas
prices come up for my home town for the cheapies
price. Not only that we are a good company we do
have a lot of costumers and that something that we
should all take pride of. Some thing somebody said
to me a long time ago you can billed up your clamant
tell by averting, billboards, ads and the most
important word of mouth witch has been proven the
best way to advertises. Back to the point the
internet reaches a lof of people Billions are on it
ever day. If you have a good thing going why not use
it to sell it. What if we had our very own web cite
that we can use as to market our business? Tell
people that we are clean nice and friendly and were
are stores are located. Give the customers what they
went a pleasant place that they can go where they get
to know you by their first name. Have a place were
the can write down comenents and secretion what they
would like or like to be seen done to are locations.
You know that people are ever were and one good word
can lead to anything. We could send them email’s
about up coming events and thing that are on sale.
We could go back to the basic of word of mouth and
also of what is now called our life’s the web. It’s
just a secretion
Thank you for your time

Editor’s Note:

I’m sure Ronnie is happy that now there is more information about gas stations on the web.

–Tanzmetall, who used to work with Grabass_Champion and Burpen at one such secretion

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