It’s amazing what passes for “news” these days. The Trib has printed more than one article regarding the nonexistent-within-circles-with-IQs-greater-than-room-temperature controversy over Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s preaching material every day since Tuesday. It finally got so bad that I had to write a letter.

To the Editors of the Tribune-Review,

I’m not sure it’s possible for me to fully express my consternation and bewilderment with the absolutely excessive barrage of articles within your paper this past week regarding the comments of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and how they relate to Democratic candidate Barack Obama. As the days went by, your paper clubbed this proverbial horse to death and then continued to pound on its lifeless corpse, and my frustration and incredulity continued to fester. The final straw was on Sunday, March 23, when I thought maybe the Trib was done wasting its time blowing a minor event out of proportion and regressing to appeals to people’s base, racist mentalities in order to sell papers, when I arrived at the Opinion and Commentary section to find an artistically-wanting image of Rev. Wright breathing fire at Senator Obama.

As a volunteer for the Obama campaign, I feel that there is no call for this sort of media bludgeoning of a candidate, especially Sen. Obama. We are not, in this primary, looking to vote for Rev. Wright, and we should not be swayed in our allegiances by anything he says. Could you imagine another Clinton presidency? I’ve switched my registration from Libertarian to Democratic just so I can help make sure that that doesn’t come to pass. Our democracy is in a sad state if we have the same two families in control of the White House for 24 years, and our country will be in an even sadder state if we elect John McCain, who will be the analog to Lyndon Johnson in our new Vietnam, the Iraq war.

Please, exercise some restraint regarding whom you choose to attempt to ruin in what could be our country’s first hour of glory in many, many years. All you have been doing recently is making me glad that I read the Trib at a place that already has copies of it available and therefore have never paid a penny for it.

Thanks for the Hypertension,


A condensed version of this was published in the Tribune-Review. I’m not providing a link because it gives my real name.

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