As Seen in SkyMall: Part 2

It’s almost all I do, really, multi-installment series. It’s a good way to draw content out and make it last. Plus, I have waaay too much fodder for just one article.

So, for those of you not hip enough to know, As Seen in Skymall is a series devoted to making fun of all the useless products therein designed to suck as much cash from your wallet while producing as little as possible. It’s kind of like a psychic reader, except it’s in a magazine in the seat pocket in front of you when you fly.

For those racy red-light districts, the Tranny Detector!

A pair of glasses that allows you to see balls? How much more useful could you get? Think that cute girl on the Vegas strip might secretly be a man? Put on your totally-not-goofy-looking blue goggles and clear it up for sure. I’ve noticed that it also filters out dark colors, so if you have one of those really racist grandfathers, it might just be the perfect gift.

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