Hey everybody, lets jam!

Wow I love this! Just us musicians, here, exercising our right to use our talent to make ourselves happy. You know, I think this is the best thing in the world. Who cares what that tall skinny kid across the way in the blue turtleneck, sport coat, and fedora hat who is scowling and giving us the double bird thinks. Know what, I’ve never cared what my audience thinks of my music. Its my art, and if they don’t like it fuck em. Music should be played for the musician not the listener. So I don’t care if they hate my stuff, I don’t and I’ve never let what anyone thinks of me drag me down. And look! I make enough money that I can just relax and practice my technical proficiency anytime I want with you guys.

So, I don’t care how much they hate me. Fuck them. Losers.

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