The Ronnicles: Part 9

The Ronnicles: Exercises in Literacy from one of America’s Finest Convenience Store Managers

An actual terminal point has been found for the Ronnicles: It will be a 15-part series. So, enjoy them while you can, because soon enough they’ll be a scarce resource.

Dear Gina,
How we handle gas change is according.
If in the evening The Cashier has
to call me mealy then they have to change the prices
out side on the
pole. Buy the time that they change them I am here at
the store. Then I
will change the price on the pumps. If for some reason
that I can not
make it in to the store I will talk them throw it over
the phone. If gas
price’s change droning the day we will drop what we
are doing to make
shore that the price’s on the pole are changed first
then the price’s on
the pump’s are then changed. Then put it into petro
soft that my price s
are changed and send you an email that they changed.
Just making sure if
this is the correct way that I should be doing that?
Ronnie #7

I Email This To you on Monday
And i still didn’t get a respones but with you being
out of the office for
the holiday’s i can understand why i didn’t get a
Silvermen Invoice349645
Iteam # 157917 No Retail
Iteam # 201681 No Retail
Same for #202846
#601385 Saying that i got one and no retail on it or
is that that holiday
candy that they send out as a thank you chouseing them
as a compeny.
Thank’s you
Ronnie #7

Coffee Wasted 67Lts
Sorry Sliped my mind
Ronnie #7

Yes Question ?
Why does he all was do that to this Store tell you
that he is coming and
then he never show up or can’t make it just a

Coke invoice #2936014139
I looked over the whole thing and here is what I
Item # 0357 was $31.50 on invoice but it was $20.20On
Item #8018 was the same way
Item #2502 is $21.60 on invoice and $17.00 in Petro
““ #5063 is $20.00 on invoice and $19.99 In
Petro but only buy a
penny so no real big dill there.
Item #3576 is $13.10 on invoice and in petro it’s
That was that I still can not get the red bull exp.
I do have a Question what kind of homework are you
talking about? Do you
find the three Things that sale well and three that
don’t and take
inventory on these items to see what can be gotten
reed off. Could you
please let me know what you mean?
Thank –you
Have a Good day
Ronnie #7

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