Hate summer.

No joke, I really don’t like it. I like school. I like spring. Summer is too hot, too expensive, too much work. What I mean is you gotta buy all your food, then your housing, then your gas to get to and from work. And work is never any fucking fun. I hate every single company I’ve ever worked for. I’m never gonna work for them again. If I didn’t leave after a matter of weeks it was only because it was worth the money…which is one of the worst reasons to do anything.

I’d rather be at school, with my friends, with no responsibiulities, with the ability to do or ignore anything I want, and to stay up till 4am, sleep till seven am, drink till 930am, then go to class wasted at 945am. That was a fun day.

But seriously, I really hope that this summer is a lot better than before. In the past I got stuck in hell holes like Philadelphia. I actually have a real, standing vow to never ever go back there if I can help it.

This time I get to go to DC. I like northern virginia, even tho it’s probably hotter. Its nicer there, you can actually manage to drive. Incredibly well defended area too.

I hate not being able to what I was hired for. That was the case last few years. It may be a complete no-no, but when I was being interviewed the guy was like ‘youll be learning and dealing with xyz blah blah blah’ and I said ‘well I gotta tell you I have no idea what most of that even is’ He said that’s ok. I think I may like this company. We’ll see. Still, I dunno. I hate work. Not working…I’m not lazy (i think) I just hate work…and summer

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