OGTAB, Part 2 - Burger Time

(For the uninitiated, forgetful, or those intimidated by acronyms: Old Games That Amuse Burpen. OGTAB OGTAB OGTAB OGTAB…)

In Burger Time, you play as Peter Pepper, a chef faced with the challenge of composing absolutely gigantic hamburgers while being pursued by 7-foot walking sausages, eggs, and pickles.

The .gif seen above, which is likely now permanently etched in your visual memory, is what Peter Pepper looks like when he runs into walking food (and consequently dies).

This is what he looks like normally, though I can’t take him seriously in either case. I mean, look at him. There’s a big H on his hat for no conceivable reason, his coat has red buttons, and he’s wearing neon green shoes with brown pants.

The game itself is ridiculously simple. You have Mr. Flaming Chef walk across burger components and they fall down into trays. Once all burgers are built the level is complete. You can throw pepper or drop burger parts on the walking food to stun them, and if you time things well you can drop a bun with an enemy standing on it to make it fall farther.

The walking food are pretty dumb. They will take scenic routes to get to Peter Pepper, i.e. taking a ladder if Peter is on the same platform as they are instead of just walking past the ladder and into Peter. Despite this the game does get challenging on the later levels when more food spawns and the stage layout isn’t as simple.

Most of all, I think the “giant food” premise is the most laughable. Either Peter Pepper is trapped in some massive kitchen, perhaps for the amusement of its tenants, or he’s just making 20-foot-tall hamburgers for the hell of it.

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