The best game show idea ever

It involves drinking.

Picture this: dozens of broke contestants competing for a delicious sum of money in feats of strength, knowledge, and cunning. AND they are wasted off their asses the whole time!

Thats right! It would be called Drunken Daredevils or Quaffing Quests or Tequiladventures.

There would be fifteen contestants at the beginning of each episode. For half an hour beforehand each player must down a fifth of liquor. After a brief introduction by the host, Mark Hamill, the game begins.

Round One: The players are loaded into a big circus centrifuge ride like at carnivals, and are sprayed with fire hoses while being spun. The first ten to puke are eliminated.

Round Two: Trivia questions are hurled at our five contestants by megaphone as they scramble across a hundred foot, five line rope bridge twenty feet above a mud water pit. Each wrong answer means a rope is cut. If they puke, they are sprayed with fire hoses until they fall or make it to the end. If only two are left, the round is over and they move on.

Round Three: The remaining contestants are forced into a disco dance off/samurai katana battle for five minutes or until only one remains un-owned, beheaded, or puked. In the last thirty seconds, fire hoses are used.

Then the winner gets Thirty Thousand Dollars!!

Sponsored by Hiro Yukozaki Fire Hose Concern of Yoshihama, Japan.

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