StudKickas’s Declaration of War!!!

Ha ha ha i laugh! I have infiltrated your internet web site. Little did you know when you made fun of my inability to draw comprehensible comics. I can “hack” your “forums” by using common interntet tools and crash them. Ha ha internet tools, like you!!

“How did you do it studkickass.” You ask? Well it was simple really but i wont tell you because you are the ENEMY. “no but really studkickass I am sorry i attacked your discarded placenta of a webcomic please teel me how so I can fix my forums?” Okay okay if your really sorry are you really sorry “yes” okay.

not long ago I was approached by disgrundled former writer jay Wilkins. He said “hey studkick-ass, I have internet passwords and hacking tools for clunkline a site that made fun of you.” “i said I’ve never heard of clunkline,” i said to him. “he said well it’s not that great but you make them look like the pinnacal of human art and acheivment.” i said o no!!! i hate nothing more than art and acheivment!!! they’ve must be stopped!!!!!!!!!!?

so Jay and me hacked your forums good but my real point here is to say we captured nerve-staple which is why he has not posted. And you can’t have him back He is ours now. but you can have him back if you pay us the ransom of all your project wonderful advertising revenue FOVEREV.!!

p.s. friend me on facebook and stumpleupon i am an attention whore

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