Swing State Profiles: New Mexico

Why A Swinger?
New Mexicans demand gifts of pelts and hatchets to garner favor, and many candidates just don’t care that much.

Quick Facts
New Mexico was envisioned by 20th Century Fox as a spinoff of the popular country Mexico.

All the best westerns that were filmed in Spain happened here.

Beware: Indians.

Keys To Victory
Mention the border or something; try talking about your plan to distribute fire-water. Also, water-water.

Sometimes it’s just a crap shoot, like at Smoke-em Joe’s Indian Casino and Carpark off I-10. Best bar-b-cue this side of Denver!

Who Will Win?
Obama. It is unclear how much McCain even knows about this region, and he recently made reference to ‘pending Spanish expeditions’ which would give him more information on the area.

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