Debate and Switch

Pool reporters were stunned Thursday when Mitt Romney greeted them on the campaign plane with his trademark grin—instead of Sarah Palin, whom the reporters were fairly sure had been the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee. Romney, attempting a Bluff check, smiled away most doubts that he had always been McCain’s VP.

But some reporters were not swayed, saying that they seemed to recall the Alaska Governor in the debate a week before, and that after her performance in the debate, and some other public scandal or something, she mysteriously disappeared.

“Wait,” said Barack Obama to Biden in a closed meeting, according to aides. “I thought you debated someone else last week. It must have been some political unknown or something, cause I can’t remember it. But this is confusing.”

Biden wrinkled his forehead in concentration. “Yeah… I… I dunno… I don’t remember it really well,” he said. “I guess they didn’t make any memorable points. …And I would definitely remember it if it were Romney, because whenever I picture him without clothes on, I see him in that weird full-body Mormon underwear stuff that they have. That image, it will literally stick in your mind, folks.”

In what is definitely unrelated news, a coffin was found half-submerged in a (very rare) Arizonan bog near McCain’s Sedona ranch. Officials are investigating.

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