High Drama According to Koji: Part I


GREN (cont’d)
I always tried to beat you with something, but you always manage to do better.

Pinky(16) rings the bell, and comes into the house. She is asian, long hair, and very lovely looking lady.

Hey, Gren, I think he is sick. We have been working so hard to help him.

HE was not like this last year. He started to become like this since that incident.

Then, Pupil slashes pencil case form the desk.

God damnit. Gren. I told you to stop telling people about that incident. Pinky. I told you to leave too. I swear to god. You are too meddlesome.

Then, Blake, a black guy with mafia looking cloth, comes in.

Look at that loser. Yo. Maybe we need to shoot him and drug him the class room.

Blake.. I think you will make the situation worse. Please do not do anything.

No, I think someone needs to beat up this wimp. And fix him.

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