Palin Exceeds, you know, what I mean is, Expectations

In tonight’s debate, well, back in Alaska, the people on Main Street Alaska think Governor and former mayor executive Sarah Palin did gosh-darn pretty well, you know. Though she took quite a long time getting to the point, she’s not a, you know, Washington insider and I think that has people kind of, in the media with the questions, you know, not like Main Street America and Alaska where she is from. Senator Joe Biden, who has, he’s been in the Senate for like since second grade, and I think the Americans, ordinary gosh-darn Joe Sixpacks, are going to have a choice this November, on who they want to control the out of control spending and greed on Wall Street. But Biden also made some legitimate, I think, points, and at least he, they both agree on whether they like our friends and strong ally Israel.

Senator Biden got in a good point when he, I think it was, said that John McCain is not a maverick and then listed a bunch of times when he was old enough to–that he was old enough to remember that he was not a maverick on that particular point. I would give this section of the debate to Biden but we have to consider, what are the people on Main Street thinking? It’s Alaska.

Overall the debate was full of strong performances from both candidates, though at times they went on for too long discussing things like, whether are my kids going to be able to go to college? And that is something Sarah Palin tried to empathize, to sympathize, do all kinds of things with, pointing out that she has a retarded kid and one with Down’s syndrome too. She has a much great interest in the education of various children, all of them, most of them, you know, because she has her own children. But Biden was quick to point out that he also has the children and that some of them are in Iraq and others in Delaware which is where Biden is from and where he is from.

Sexism was absent, except that had Palin been a man, everybody would be, you know, saying she lost horribly.

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