Hedge's Recipes: Mountain Bull

Today we’re going to learn how to make the delicious energy drink Mountain Bull from everyday household* ingredients!


  • 2 Liter Mountain Dew
  • 8.3 oz Red Bull

*Ingredients only household if house has a gamer/caffeine addict living in it.


  1. Open the Mountain Dew bottle
  2. Measure out 8.3 oz of Mountain Dew (If you don’t have an 8.3 oz measuring cup, the liquid remaining should reach 7mm over the label)
  3. Drink the 8.3 oz of Mountain Dew to ensure quality ingredients
  4. Open the 8.3 oz Red Bull
  5. As carefully as possible, pour the 8.3 oz Red Bull into the 2 Liter bottle already containing the Mountain Dew
  6. Drink any Red Bull that may be left in the can
  7. Close the bottle of the now highly caffeinated concoction
  8. Shake the bottle vigorously, ensuring the cap remains on the bottle at all times
  9. Wait for the bubbles to subside, then release the pressure slowly
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 as necessary for the substance to become perfectly flat
  11. Set the bottle in a sunny, warm area
  12. Do something else for a while
  13. Now that the bottle is nice and warm, it is ready to serve
  14. In place of steps 11-13, pouring some and heating it in the microwave is allowed
  15. Drink up!

Disclaimer: Drinking Mountain Bull will prevent sleep in unaccustomed individuals. Please use responsibly

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