Opposite Day: Part II

In Part I, I discussed how writers of television shows, books, and films often write with diametrically-opposing agendas. Today, I’m gonna use the exact same formula, because unlike Leonard Nimoy, I’m not a flip-flopper.

I Am Not Spock
I Am Spock
Leonard Nimoy’s first autobiography.
Leonard Nimoy’s second autobiography.

Being John Malkovich
V for Vendetta
In Being John Malkovich, everyone was one person.
In V for Vendetta, one person was everyone.
The Sopranos
The Godfather

These are not opposites of each other, but of their titles. They are the three contenders for the title of most cutthroat depiction of mafia violence with the wimpiest-sounding name.

Schindler’s List
The Making of Schindler’s List
A film about how Jews couldn’t control their own lives.
A documentary showing indirectly that in Hollywood… you know what, nevermind.

Well, that ended on a sour note! -Ed

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