The Adventures of Wallgrampa.jpg

The original, wherein Wallgrampa poses for all the internet.
Being Wallgrampa, his biopic.

This image of a cheery but bizarrely-clothed Russian tourist appeared in Burpen’s Samba article a few months back. Although not as repulsive as the infamous awkward.jpg, the only thing stopping us from photoshopping him into strange situations months ago was our lack of time. But now, with finals looming for the students among us, excuses not to work are treasured.

And so I bring you: the Lurid Life of Lyurej.

Wallgrampa enjoys sitting on his ballerinas when he hangs them up to dry.
You’re never too old to learn to do something new.
You can even learn to be a soapbox derby car, if you really want.
This is the offspring produced by an unholy union of this meme with that one.
He auditioned for Robin, and it’s why they cut the part from the movie.

He was one of the most frequently-painted subjects of the great Renaissance artists, coming in 3rd place after religion and people other than him.
He was immortalized in a tribute by Kudos 2, a game that advertised here (and that’s all we know about it).
His combat skills were learned in the American Revolution, and military leaders sought his advice (and fightin’ skillz) for centuries to come.
He usually wears a powdered wig and tracksuit into battle.
Wallgrampa always causes accidents for some reason when he sits on his favorite seat: the hood.
No caption, nor any mortal intervention, could make this image funnier.

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