Grabass_Champion's Engrish Adventures - Part 2

So… I have returned from behind the Great Firewall, a bit shorter and a bit more slanty-eyed, and with the distinct inability to pronounce words like “bus” and “campus” without inserting a mysterious “r” sound after the “u”. In China I learned many things, from how to properly use a car horn while driving (as a signal that there is something within 50 feet of the front of the car), to how to avoid getting hit by a child happily cannoning streams of urine into the street. Two months of endless diarrhea at the hands of Wuhan food, all of which contains loads of chili peppers, coupled with the inevitable circumstance that non-potable tap water would somehow end up in my stomach, have turned my rectum into the strongest muscle in my body, and lost me about 15 pounds. A week in Beijing renewed my appreciation for being able to see more than half a mile in any direction. Two months in Wuhan, where heat indexes routinely cleared 120 degrees Fahrenheit, renewed my appreciation for more temperate climes. Okay, that last bit’s not true at all, Pittsburgh weather is still comparable to diving into an olympic-sized pool full of mayonnaise-filled water balloons. I think the point of all this is, the Chinese are awful at English.

The top of a garbage can in Wuhan. Now you know.

Not Engrish, but a terrible mannequin choice.

Something about this sounds strangely taboo…

I’m not sure why there are vegetables with hats, but there are vegetables with hats.

I wonder what you can buy here……

Yeah. We’re pretty confident you’re coming back.

In the U.S., we call it AIDS. In France, they call it SIDA.

The rest of the body is on break.

On a deck of Kobe Bryant (?!) playing cards.

Vegetarians? We don’t like their kind here.

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