Ten Titles that Need to be Used

If these do get used, I shall link them accordingly.

  • Panties, Parties, and General Hullabaloo
  • The Life and Times of the Great Teabag Summoner
  • Swish, Bang, There Goes the Cat
  • My Life as a Sycamore Tree – This Time, it’s Personal
  • Living Fur-Free: A Musical Analysis of Naked Mole Rats
  • My Lover is a Brass Cocoon (And Other Pirate Sayings)
  • Paperclips: The Duct Tape of Electronics
  • How to Summon a Demon by Riverdancing
  • Roses are Red, Soylent is Green: The Cannibal’s Poetry Book
  • The Rise and Fall of Erectile Dysfunction Medicine

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