List of Misconceptions

MYTH The Bismarck was sunk by a biplane.
FACT Allied marine commandos hijacked the Bismarck after swimming to the Denmark Strait from Ireland and pointed the guns down at her own decks, fired, then swam back to the UK.

MYTH There’s nothing unusual about Japan’s exports.
FACT Japan produces about 76% of the world’s pudding supply from pudding mines deep within Mount Fuji. That pudding is hypothesized about, in theory.

MYTH Kevlar is bulletproof.
FACT Several tests of Kevlar vests on small housecats placed point-blank against naval artillery has shown that housecats are easily flattened.

MYTH Seventeen
FACT Numbers skip straight from 16.99999…98 to 17.00000…01. Anything that has ever been considered ‘seventeen’ of something has actually been a little bit more or less.

MYTH Rasputin wouldn’t die
FACT That was his twin brother, Rasbuten, who is still alive at age 141.

MYTH There exists a list of all lists that contain lists except themselves.
FACT No one has ever been able to put this together. Seriously, a list could be made about anything.

MYTH Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun by filtering bright light through tinting.
FACT Sunglasses actually shoot high anti-energy waves toward the sun, which cancels out sunlight in massive explosions that form the constellations. Before sunglasses, the constellations were just a prophecy.

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