Solemn League and Covenant? More like Smolem Smeague and Smovensment!

Who the hell does John Pym think he is? So the king is trying to kill you and you go all ally-happy with the Scots? Don’t you remember that time that they fought you guys, like that one time with the swords and yelling? Yeah, that! Really and the king is so bad that you want him dead? I think this Ollie guy is a little nuts. Oh sure he goes on about removing popists and papists and whatever, but I have it on good account that he’s never had a proper Italian meal in his life. Maybe if he got a taste of what all those Catholics down in the peninsula were eating he’d feel better. But noooo we’ve all got to march in lock step with Calvin and Knox. Well whatever, I’m going to go to Preston Moor and get ready for the final countdown. I hear it will be quite the…..engagement? Bwahahahahhahahahaha!

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