The Greatest Movie Pitch in History

Quick, name five of the most awesome movies you can think of off the top of your head. If you’re anything like me, then four of your choices will have Jason Statham in them (the fifth is a movie where a small thai man beats up the entire world). But what if those movies are off the table? You’d have to select your five from the world’s number one source of non-Jason-Statham-related awesomeness– the Syfy channel.

But for all the entertainment they’ve provided me over the years, not once have I ever given anything back… until now.

Unfortunately, all my efforts were wasted initially, as I got the following message back both times:

Clearly, I was going to have to try harder…

Still, though, no response. Fine then. If they don’t want my ideas, it’s their loss. I’ll keep my next awesome movie pitch to myself…

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