Commemorating the Challengeberg Titan

On this day in history, 1949, the Challengeburg Titan made her maiden (and only) voyage* approximately one eighth of the way to the moon. The takeoff and initial ascent went remarkably smoothly, which is quite a miracle, really, when we realize that the Titan was a mammoth boat strapped to the side of a skyward-facing dirigible powered by rockets. Moreover, it was the largest such rocket-powered boat-strapped-to-a-dirigible that had ever been built.

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Corrections From 2011

Here at Clunkline, we believe that journalistic integrity is a thing that exists and that people do sometimes. Although we always make an effort to bring you the most accurate information that we can completely make up, sometimes mistakes do slip through, particularly when FooTay has ingested too much NyQuil and/or just isn’t paying attention (which is always). Here, then, are corrections for some of the articles we’ve posted over the past year.

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You Ain’t Seen Muffin Yet

That’s certainly not how I remember the Muffin Wars. Increased yeast levels in the water table indeed… Honestly, de Pomme, I think you were just trying to get a rise out of us.

My favorite part of the Muffin Wars was when Muffin Darth Vader said to Muffin Luke Skywalker, “You’re muffin without me!” and Luke replied, “That part of my past is dead and blueberried. You’re a nut, the banana of my existence!” And then the fleet of alien bagels began to invade and they had to work together to rescue MDV’s daughter from an office building like in Muffin Die Hard.

The Snow Book

I am Russdocus, chronicler of the expedition to explore the extents of the realm of Oleg.

Thence in a year of which is unrecorded as we lost our only calendar to a Turk most clever, there set upon the snow-trail our party of ten to map the great wildernesses and with the secret goal of obtaining a wolly-mammoth for the grand prince.

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Clunkline at Four

We consider it a success that our server is still spinning after the global muffin wars. It is to be left to the new chroniclers as to whether our work will perpetuate through the post-muffin ages. For many of us, visions of old new york being consumed by billions of tons of expanding banana nut dough will be hard to forget, and we are cursed with the destruction of photography as a means of documentation for future generations. We will have to rely on verbal sagas and crude charcoal drawings on tanned raccoon hide. Luckily, the increased yeast levels in the water table makes the raccoons multiply pretty quickly.

In any case, we will have users examine our work in many years time once the only extant computer workstation is back up (currently we are trying to repair the motherboard with fruits and nuts) and we have harvested enough live raccoons to turn a massive treadmill-dynamo to power the internet.

We are doing well I think and if the muffin-leftovers last us, we should be able to re-establish agriculture in Greenland (known now as the ‘new midwest’) within a decade. May the clunk see us through!

The List

It wasn’t a very good plan… actually, it was terrible. But nonetheless, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was dead-set on it, and President Eustace Albacore was finding himself at a loss for words.

“It’s just… I really can’t give this my stamp of approval, you know,” he said, scratching the back of his balding neck uncomfortably. “Misbehavior on this level… what will the people think?”

“I appreciate your concern, but I do not think they will be troubled – on some level, this will be exactly what they would expect from business and politics,” John Grant, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, returned smoothly. He was a short man clad in green with laugh lines around his mouth, but the spark in his eye was no twinkle – it was the glint of steel. “And you must agree that the energy crisis has reached new levels of urgency.”

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Revised Sayings

- Thirty days hath September, April, June, and remember: all the others eat peanut butter, except my grandma she rides a bicycle.

- We have nothing to fear but fear itself. And also spiders.

- Take the road less traveled, especially if you are on the run from the law wanted for your cousin’s brutal beheading after a dice game gone bad.

- Guests, like fish, outlive their usefulness after three days and should be liquidated into delicious fish-shakes.

- There are no atheists in foxholes, only foxes, and more rarely, sheep.

- Early to bed and early to rise pleases one’s female companions.

- We shall fight them on the beaches, but if they get past there we will offer arm wrestling instead or possibly croquet if the weather is nice.

Tempural Flux

It’s always a little concerning when you start out deep-frying and by the end you’re very nearly sauteing. Where does that extra oil go? You used the whole bottle, after all. While, to be fair, it wasn’t a very big bottle to begin with, it allegedly contained 32 servings, each of which had 22% of one’s daily fat intake. Just over a week’s worth of fat, gone.

I’ve always thought that to be one of life’s many mysteries, such as why the economy sucks, the difference between Democrats and Republicans, and which came first, the chicken or the tactical nuclear warhead. But nonetheless, on the occasions that the urge to deep-fry strikes, one can’t help but wonder. It’s not quite ineffable, but that’s not to say you should eff with it.

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My Failed Attempt to Assist an African Refugee

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Woman’s Ass Becomes Sentient


In what is being hailed as a modern medical miracle, doctors and researchers at the Mayo clinic have reported that an NSF funded project has produced the first sentient, talking ass of a woman in human history.

“This is truly a marvel to behold” said Dr. Rodson, chief architect of the ‘Talkin Ass’ as it has been affectionately dubbed. “It marks a huge milestone in talking ass technology”

In the chambers of the female test subject Janet Halbruth, who wished to remain anonymous, the ass was heard speaking to the researchers about the weather and other smalltalk.

Researchers were unable to provide any sort of intellectual merit argument or broader impacts discussion when prompted.

Ovaltine Presents: Chuck Freeland, Accidental Dildo Factory Heir

We rejoin our hero as he is being led through the factory floor by the day manager Mr. Armstrong…

“And here we see the slurry containers, there’s usually enough slurry on hand for ten thousand units.”

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What I Use Paperclips For

To Secure Nomination, Newt Gingrich Will Have to Prove He’s Just as Crazy and Incompetent as Previous Favorites

With former frontrunners Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Michele Bachman all fading in the polls, eyes are now turning to former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, who will have to prove just how criminally insane he really is in order to secure the nomination.

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Los Queso De La Muerte

Interior, the great outdoors.

“I am a farmer and I farm my cows”

COws” moo”

In walks another farmer with the head of a dead demon.

“Hey check this out I got it from a mysterious black asian gypsey”

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IRON MAN is busy making a science in his cool house. (note to producers: this movie must make enough money for me to have a house like that ok?)

IRON MAN’S FRIEND comes in and says,

Hi iron man I used to be your friend but now i am your ENEMY

He steals Iron Man’s science and walks away!!!

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