OGTAB, Part 4 - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

(This is the fourth installation of Old Games That Amuse Burpen.)

This was possibly the most amusing game ever made on the Sega Genesis platform.


~*~*~ R.I.P. ~*~*~

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OGTAB, Part 3 - Jurassic Park

(This is the third installation of Old Games That Amuse Burpen.)

It’s amazing how many pieces of crap were made based on (and in worship of) Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park. These pieces of crap included a Spielberg movie. That said, perhaps the majority of the crap was actually based on the movie… Anyhow, a Sega Genesis game was one piece of crap to result from this. And man, was it amusing crap.

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OGTAB, Part 2 - Burger Time

(For the uninitiated, forgetful, or those intimidated by acronyms: Old Games That Amuse Burpen. OGTAB OGTAB OGTAB OGTAB…)

In Burger Time, you play as Peter Pepper, a chef faced with the challenge of composing absolutely gigantic hamburgers while being pursued by 7-foot walking sausages, eggs, and pickles.

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Old Games That Amuse Burpen, Part 1 - Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong has a very simple premise: your giant monkey pet has abducted your girlfriend Pauline and climbed to the top of the worst construction site in existence. You, “Jumpman”, a very slow-walking and perishable carpenter, must make your way to the top of the construction site and rescue Pauline whilst Donkey Kong rolls barrels and other crap at you.

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