Indigenous People of Catan


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Clever Dongs

Y’know how kids in middle schools and high schools think it’s hilarious to draw simplified penises on everything? Well it would only follow that penises would draw simplified people on things and think it’s funny. Get it? Hah?

Well I thought it was funny.

Jesus Saves

Advertisements for Local Industry


We can’t sell it anywhere for some reason!

So it’s half-off!

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The Lost Episodes of a Struggling Screenwriter

He is tryeing but he cant’
and it makes him sad

Dear Mr. Brown,

Your teleplay does not meet the needs of the network at this time. House, M.D. has a full staff of writers. Furthermore, they are generally competent in crafting plots and/or grammatical sentences, which is more than I can say about you.

Your two-page, improperly-formatted manuscript is enclosed. My reader actually specifically requested that she be given permission to take a shit on it first, but I reviewed her employment papers and it was not in her job description. You have dodged a bullet, Mr. Brown.

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