New House Buttraces Cont'd

Buttrace 5: Three Six Mafia
Buttrace 6: Real Ultimate Power

New House Buttraces: Part I

These were made ages ago and originally posted to, which died of death.

Buttrace 1: New House Grand Prix
Buttrace 2: Chair Race
Buttrace 3: Snakes on a Plane
Buttrace 4: Attack of the Steeler Snakes

Buttrace 4 is where we start to really start doing something new.

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Bonzo and Bonkers 4

This is the fourth and final installment of Bonzo and Bonkers. I was forbidden by law to create anymore (something about people being contaminated by all the excess stupid). Don’t worry, though. I’ve got other gems waiting in storage for the future!

Bonzo and Bonkers 2

For the previous exploits of Bonzo and Bonkers, refer to this documentary.

It’s the world’s smartest idiot and his faithful moose companion yet again! Watch as this time they test a warp machine …

… or don’t watch. It’s up to you, really. In fact, your brain will probably thank you later.

…So, uh, go ahead and just move on to some other exhibit. Just pretend you never saw this post….

…Still here, eh? My incessant yammering hasn’t discouraged you from watching this most moronic debacle? Fine, you win, but when the idiocracy causes you to bleed out of unspoken orifices, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bonzo and Bonkers 1

Enter the world of Bonzo, an almost-capable mad scientist who is actually quite personable, and Bonkers, his trusty and most unfortunate assistant … oh and he’s a moose.

For the second installment in this epic, see the wise man who lives in a dumpster in this alley.