Ironic Pro

Ironic Pro
Just announced! This revolutionary device will soon be a staple in every home and office building, on every street corner, even in the local graveyard!
But what does it do?


It takes the air around it and gives it a strong ironic charge. These charged particles affect the world around them, resulting in extraordinary events of a strong ironic tone. See it in action!

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StudKickass 5: Clunkline Strikes Back: Electric Boogaloo

Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Chad failed to notice when the Forums he advertised on spawned their most popular thread making fun of him. Eventually, I grew tired of the novelty of being paid to mock my advertisers, so I went all out, posting a massive omnibus article that was half-rant, part-Photoshop desecration, part declaration of hostilities, and all anger. He still didn’t notice.

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Welcome to the Hyper-Local Civic Dojo. There is No Mercy Here. Part 1!

Today we bring you a taste of madness, a bit like the Ronnicles, but from the opposite direction. Rather than exhibit for your viewing pleasure a person whose reading moneys are grossly underfunded, we bring you a veritable plutocrat of words. I present for your scrutiny the works of Ken Warren, public librarian of Lakewood, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb.

This man spoke recently at my college. He is known by someone who knows a professor, who got him invited. This man is mad. What follows is a series of excerpts from a paper he presented to his lecture’s audience, some of which is available online.

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A Public Computer’s Google Search Autocomplete

Chelsea Clinton “pimped out”
cumshot stoat
cumshot weasel

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